How Can You Clean Your Blinds and Drapery?

How Can You Clean Your Blinds and Drapery?

Contact Hydra Clean in Guttenberg, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, IA & Prairie du Chien, WI for expert drapery and blind cleaning

Your drapes and blinds may need more than a little dusting to bring them back to their original glory. When your blinds and drapes need a deep clean, you can rely on Hydra Clean to get the job done. All of our cleaning is done on-site so you won't have to take your blinds and drapes down from your windows.

Our cleaning system is similar to deep cleaning treatments performed on carpets, except that our professionals use smaller, hand-held systems to do the job. We use an ultrasonic system to clean aluminum horizontal blinds and solar roller shades. Wood blinds are more delicate, so we'll carefully clean those by hand. Our cleaning comes with a no-shrink guarantee, so you can trust us to cleanse your drapes without damaging them.

Hire us today and discover the difference our deep cleaning techniques can make in your home or business in Cedar Rapids, Guttenberg and Dubuque, IA or surrounding communities.

About our drape cleaning services

Hydra Clean offers two service options for cleaning your drapes:

  • Injection extraction
  • Wet detergent cleaning solution

We also offer a dry cleaning solution for delicate fabrics like linens. Call us today to find out more about our drape cleaning techniques.